Link your memories

Your QR code blends in the background

Use the power of QR codes without the intrusive look

Some memories keep growing

Life is dynamic, so could be your photo albums

Accessible with your device's camera

No need to find that old photobook or notes. Your memories are one scan away

Scan to instantly relive your most precious memories

Our products


Decorate your home with a canvas and keep those dusty photo albums in the closet!


High quality poster to express your art, portrait or geeky side!


Never forget those victories (or drunk evenings) from your sports club!

Digital Version

If you’d rather print it yourself or just want a digital version, we got you covered!

Create your personal QRMEM experience

In 4 easy steps

1. Create your product

Choose your product, size and orientation. Upload your picture and place your unique QR code where you desire.

2. Place order

After the payment process your product will be validated by our team. In the meantime, you can already move to the next step: creating your memories!

3. Create your memories

You can design your memories with photos, slideshows, text blocks and embedded media like youtube, SoundCloud...

4. Relive your memories

Scan the QR code with your phone, you can relive your memories instantly. Rather keep your memories private? You can add a password to keep unwanted eyes away.

Professional Use

All our products can be used professionally! You can link a PDF file or redirect to your company website.

Give your customers quick access to your menu in a creative way. 

Stand out of the crowd and place your contact details or company website on conference banners.

Protecting your data
was not an afterthought.

The entire architecture was designed from day one for security and protecting user data.

Our security architecture uses

Built by a security engineer

5 years of cybersecurity experience with financial, medical and government environments.

Bug bounty security program

We reward hackers if they report security vulnerabilities to us. We don't rely solely on our security knowledge.

EU stored data

Your data is stored in the EU.


We hate tracking and spam as much as you. We have the bare minimum of analytics to improve our service and we don't use your email to send newsletters.

* We do use the anti-spam functionality of Google (ReCaptcha). However this is only included in the pages that need them (i.e. registration)