Memories are personal. That's why security and privacy is key.

We have build this platform with security in mind since day one. However, security and privacy is evolving every day. New techniques and vulnerabilities in software are found each day and that’s why we strongly believe that a bugbounty platform is the right choice. 

Rewarding ethical hackers

Rewarding reported security vulnerabilities to their severity is a way to motivate other hackers to help us eliminate bugs before the bad guys see them.

You can help improve our

Bugbounty is a concept where ethical hackers over the whole world help companies secure their network and websites. Many people means many creative ideas to approach security. Rewarding people when they do the right thing and report vulnerabilities to us, is a way to make us more secure. Please note that certain rules apply so our clients are not impacted. Contact us via the form to get access to our testing environment.